About this App

The Website App contains everything related to pages/microsites in your project. Under Website is where you are able to:

  1. Choose a theme for your project
  2. See the list of Pages under your Theme, customise your Pages through the Editor
  3. Configure the menu(s) of your Project
  4. Configure the check-in authentication method for your participants


Themes in GEVME can be of either 3 types:

  • 2D
  • 3D
  • A combination of 2D and 3D

A theme comes pre-configured with:

  • Style / Look & Feel
  • Content, Settings and Functionalities

For any project, you will get started with these steps: 

1. Pick your preferred Themes in the Store and even Build your Own fully or partially.

Browse themes and experiencs available for your selection
Understand the concept Gevme Themes

2. Select the preferred Experiences in every venue that you can select as a starter. 
The selection will present some suggested pages/content for your project. 

Understand the concept Gevme Experiences


Pages Management

3. Manage the Pages
When you select an Experience from a Theme, you are presented with some suggested pages/content for your project.

Add new Page

Pages Listing

Customize Pages

4. Customize the Pages
The Editor is the WYSIWYG No-Code visual editor tool that you use to customise your Pages and content.

For every Pages, there are 3 components to pay attention to:
1. LiveBar
2. Header
3. Blocks

Using the Editor

LiveBar Settings

Header Settings

Content Blocks

Publish/Unpublish LivePages

To publish or unpublish a page, it is a quick toggle between Published and Draft in the Page Listing.