This is Part 2 of a Deployment. 

In this step, we will review the design and branding for the device's welcome screen. Related Reading: [Onsite 1/3] Create a deployment for the check-in device [Onsite 3/3] Configure your devices for check-in

Welcome Screen Configuration

Select Devices & Add Branding

In this view, you can select the device
*Gevme Kiosk Model S (Read more)

*Gevme Kiosk Model T (Read more)


*Tablet - Portrait

*Tablet - Landscape

Select the branding preferred
*Toggle on to add Logo and Background

*Use your default project's logo and background

or click on "x" to delete and upload your preferred images.

In Preview, you can also toggle between Device and Pop-up and check if all content meets your requirements.

Click on Advanced Settings to add more customisation.

Content on Screen

You can edit Title, Body and Add Check-In Image Guide.
This design is the key so that your attendee can self-help on the devices and your manpower can be reduced.

Pop Up Message

You can define the time-out duration so the device can be ready for your next attendees to check in

and configure the relevant check-in messages for different check-in status
*Successful Check-In
*Duplicated Check-In
*Invalid Check-In

*Offline Error

Gevme let you have full control on the message, dynamic format in these area. 

All tools are available: Text, Paragraph Format, Coding, Undo, Insert Personalisation.
For any changes, the live preview is ready for you on the right.