About this Feature

As an organiser, we understand that you want to be in control of your onsite management

- Track what the attendee is checking in: the event, the locations, the sessions

- Track where the check-in happens

Gevme now provides you with a tool to configure, deploy and manage all your onsite devices as per your event objectives. 

The flow will be just as simple:

Create Deployments under Check-In Locations --> Configure Type, Activity, Settings --> Activate devices


Understanding your consideration, Gevme has created a friendly interface to assist you in the set-up that you require.

A. Starting with creating a deployment

B. Define your Activity and Check In locations

In this view, you can define your deployment:

* Activity: Check In/ Check Out

* Check-in Scope: for all events or specific location

* Give this DEPLOYMENT a name for easy identification

For example: To scan all attendees who access Room 1 - Payment Masters

Click on Advanced Settings to refine your deployment.

C. Select the Check-In Method

Click on "More Settings", there are more set-up to add

*QR Code Scanning

* Facial Recognition

Gevme has preset some default settings; you can refine further to meet your requirements.

D. Determine the Check In Rules

*Allow everyone to check in: This is used for regular attendance taking when there is no strict access control. 

*Allow only specific people to check-in: This is used when you only allow people with pre-registration / approved registration to access the area

*Allow multiple check-in: This is used for multi-scanning / entry allowed.

E. Labels

For easy tracking of your deployment. This is useful when you have multi-deployment at an area

F. Assisted Kiosk Settings

If this deployment is for a helpdesk, editing function should be selected

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