About Mobile App / Mini Experiences

These are experiences that attendees can access them through Mobile App.

Experiences are created from Organiser Backend. An experience can be a Gevme page or any third party page.

Experiences can be used to show case,

- Event Agenda

- Speakers

- Sponsors

- Category of Sponsors

- Products

- Survey/Application Forms

- Gamification

- Polls

- Event Social Wall

- Coupons/Offers

- Videos on Demand

- Venue/Map etc.,

Any sort of information can be shown as an experience using a livepage.

Creating Mini Experiences

Go to Mobile App module, select Mini Experiences; then click on Create Mini Experience

Set Up a Mini Experience

- Name: The mobile content name
- Description: The message describing the content on this page
- Icon: Your branding for the event or the particular content

- Accent colour: The background of this page

- Text colour: depending your background colour, you have an option of black or white text

- Mini experience link: to define the content which will be loaded in this mini window. You can use Gevme Page or External URL

For every change in setting, you can directly preview it immediately on the right hand side.

For all changes, do click Save.

Make sure you enable the experience; so that it is available in the mobile app.

To edit it, you can click on the 3 dots on the right. 

Access the Mini Experience

Download the Gevme App, you can find it onApple or Android App Store by searching the keyword "Gevme".

Check here on how to create your profile and retrieve your digital business card.

If you are a registered attendee of an event and this event is offering an event app / mobile app via Gevme, you then will be able to access the mini experiences created.