Within Gevme App, we offer a free digital business card function. It is called Metacard. 

The concept of Metacard is that you can share your information and allow people to access this information quickly through call-to-action buttons.

Download the Gevme App

You can find it on Apple or Android App Store. Simply use keyword "Gevme"

Set Up your Profile

To get started, select Create an Account

1. Open the app upon the app is downloaded

2. Select Create an account

3. Enter your Corporate Email and Name

4. Enter OTP sent to your email

5. Your profile (metacard) is created successfully. You can update it with your relevant information. 

Under Settings Icon on the top right, you can access Account and make changes to the Profile Information

Set Up your Metacard

Under Settings Icon on the top right, you can access Account and update Metacard.

A list of CTA to list your preferred contact methods that you wish to share with your customers and partners. In this view, you are able to create, edit, delete and move the CTAs. 

Select the style matching your persona; or upload your corporate style.

The Use of Metacard

It is a central management of your digital business card

- You set up your own business card and list the preferred CTAs

- Share your business card seamlessly during a face to face meeting, email or phone contacts

- Allow people to access this information and reach out to you via your preferred channels

Once you have successfully set up your Metacard, you can start share or retrieve the contacts through the App

1. Click on the Share icon
Directly send your digital business card to others

Copy and Paste this link in your email and have your business card accessible by your networks

2. Start Connecting with others via your QR Code

Click on the QR Code icon and you will see this screen. Have this QR Code handy that your potential partners can scan/connect with you through your preferred channel.

Upon scanning it, your partner will see these screen on their phones

Through their Gevme AppIf they do not have the Gevme App, they will see your Metacard in the web version
- View all the CTAs of a metacard
- Check Activity History
- Click on 3 dots to delete the contact
- View all the CTAs of a metacard
- Option to download the App
- Option to download Vcard - the contact to their device

3. Scan other people Metacard to retrieve a Contact

From your QR Code, you have a scan function to retrieve your partner's contact as well.

Enable your camera so that you can scan other's metacard QR Code and add them to your contacts.