Package Creation

- Click on Create Package

- Add Package Name

- Add Package Description

- Select the Template / Livepages for the Package

After all the packages are created, you then can edit/manage all packages on the same view.


Virtual Booth Template:
To make decision on the virtual booth template that you would like to offer to your sponsors/exhibitors. These templates should be a part of All Templates in your Theme.

The decisions will be required on the following: 
- The template for each package
- What are the available assets within the e-booth? Videos, Resources (PDF, Link, URL)
- What are the quantities of each assets? How many videos , resources allowed?
- What are the features available for them on the backend? 
- How extensive their editing can be? We suggest limiting their access to assets uploading only; so that the Organisers have full control over the general changes. 

For assistance, please reach out to our Support at for clarification. 

If you plan for a grand exhibition, you may engage our Professional Services to support your event. Reach out to us with your requirements and our Sales Team will be in touch with a quotation at 


  • Decide on the format of Sponsors/Exhibitors Title
  • Decide on the format of the Virtual Booth's URLs / Slugs