This article explains how all the core concepts are tied to each other and work together. Having this holistic understanding will help you get a better understanding of Gevme Omnichannel as a whole, as well as a better understanding of each individual concept.

The Theme and Its LivePage Templates

The process of building a theme typically starts by designing and defining its set of LivePage templates. For example, below are the livepage templates of the Genesis Theme.

The LivePage templates of the Genesis Theme

These are example of livepage templates for a 2D Theme. The idea is the same for a 3D Theme. For example below are some of the livepage templates of the Bunker Theme, a 3D Panorama Theme.

Some of the LivePage templates of the Bunker Theme.

As you can see, the templates themselves have no inherent meaning from an event or attendee perspective. They only specify the look and feel and "structure" of the livepage.

As a physical analogy, think of each livepage template as a bare room or bare section (of a bigger building) with its walls, partitions and structures, and with no logical connections between them. The set of rooms together make up the building, which is equivalent to the Theme.

A physical analogy of a Theme and its livepage templates.

Add Experiences

What you do in each room (in other words, using each template) is all up to you! This is where Experiences come into play. Experiences are the next thing that is then defined for the Theme. As described in another article, an Experience is described as follows:

Continuing from the physical analogy, this is where you would add your tables, chairs, standup banners, advertisement posters, LCD screens, etc. to your physical venue and arrange them in a particular configuration for your event.

A physical analogy of a Theme with an Experience applied to it.

Therefore, when an Experience is selected for a Theme, what actually happens is that the list of default livepages with all their blocks, content, settings and menu items (all defined under that experience) are created, based on the livepage templates.

And Your Event is Ready!

With all of these put together, the Event is then ready to welcome the last but most critical piece of an event: the attendees!

An event can only happen with attendees to experience it!

Here's an animated graphic to sum it all up.