Welcome to the latest Gevme release! We've been hard at work making sure you have the best event experience possible. Here are the bug fixes & enhancements we've deployed. 

Bug Fixes

1. Block swapping: Some users were facing issue while swapping a button block. This has been fixed and users can now successfully swap blocks without any issues.

2. Page access control: We are pleased to announce that we have successfully restored the functionality for creating page-level access controls. This allows users to define who can access specific pages in their projects, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure.

3. Private pages: The redirect feature in the latest version of the software has been updated to function as desired, without requiring the user to manually clear their cache. This means that users can now experience a smoother, more seamless transition when navigating through different pages or sections of the software. 

4. Stream chat: Users can now join the stream chat immediately after logging in without needing to join stream chat separately. 

5. Live page: Save button functionality has been improved to prevent accidental changes. Users will now be prompted to confirm any changes made to the live page before committing to the change. 

6. Onsite deployment: We have improved the experience of onsite deployment. We have addressed an issue with the check-in image guide not appearing correctly in desktop view. This has been resolved and users should now be able to view the image guide as intended.

New Features

We're excited to announce two new features that offer more flexibility and control to our users:

1. Streaming from agenda: You can now watch streaming directly from the agenda, customizing your streaming experience with ease. The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and understand, allowing you to quickly access the content you want to stream.

2. Session management: You can now swipe left or right to view your sessions easily, providing an intuitive and convenient way to manage your events. With just one simple gesture, you can switch between multiple sessions, making your experience more efficient and enjoyable.

We hope you find these updates helpful for your events on Gevme. Our team is always working to make your experience better, and we appreciate your feedback and support. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and watch this space for our upcoming quarterly event announcement, Gevme Connect Summer.