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More information can be found: https://www.godaddy.com/

The Configuration

For a webpage created in Gevme, instead of showing www.gevme.com, you may wish to use your own domain instead. This can be easily configured in Gevme in just a few steps.

In this example, we will share how you can connect your preferred domain to this Gevme's website from the domain provider - Godaddy.

[GoDadddy]Settings Required

1. Purchase a domain from GoDaddy. You may check for price and details here

2. Within GoDaddy Dashboard, create a CNAME record and point it to: custom-virtual.gevme.com following the steps here (Ref: https://in.godaddy.com/help/add-a-cname-record-19236).
- Sign in to your GoDaddy Domain Portfolio

- Go to the domain that you wish to use on Gevme, click on Edit DNS

- Select Add to add a new record.

- Select CNAME from the Type menu options.

- Enter the details for your new CNAME record:

  • Name: Any preferred content to identify this set-up
  • Value: Insert custom-virtual.gevme.com
  • TTL: 0.5 hour

- Select Add Record to save your new CNAME record.

Most DNS updates take effect within an hour, but could take up to 48 hours to update globally.

[Gevme] Connect custom domain

1. Access Gevme Dashboard - https://admin.gevme.com/

2. Go to Website / Settings / General

3. Enter your domain name in the blank
Do note that you only have 2 attempts. 

Press Connect Domain Now when you’re done, and wait for 24 hours for the changes to reflect.