Looking out for examples on how you can add your application to a web page. Please find our sharing below:

Adding a Social Wall

- Create a social wall in your preferred application

- Retrieve the link
Our example is with https://walls.io/

Title: My Social Wall
Link: https://my.walls.io/p3w5q?nobackground=1&show_header=0%22%20id=%22wallsio-iframe

- Simply select the HTML block, paste the code and add the link, you then will have a social wall on your web page for attendee engagement.


<iframe title="title" loading="lazy" style="border:0;height:350px;width:100%" src="link" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>


<iframe title="My social wall" loading="lazy" style="border:0;height:350px;width:100%" src="https://my.walls.io/p3w5q?nobackground=1&amp;show_header=0" id="wallsio-iframe" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>


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