Elevate an attendee's experience through their handy device - mobile phone. 

Requiring to download an App for this? It is up to your audience, we cater for both.

Gevme's Goal

Leveraging the mobile channel to infuse digital touchpoints along the attendee journey.

Gevme's Mini Experience Concept

What made us different!  

Traditional Event Mobile AppGevme Companion App + Mini Experiences
Requires installation for every eventOne-time installation

Event App and beyond
Access to basic event information,
e.g. event agenda, list of speakers, exhibitors, attendees
On top of basic event information, also give access to mini experiences which can be richer and more interactive in nature
Monolithic app that can get quite bloatedLightweight app leveraging the distributed nature of mini experiences
Content can only be accessed through the appContent can also be accessed through mobile browsers

The use

It is an exciting journey ahead! Stay tuned to our release.