QR Code scanning is a common information retrieving method in our daily activities. You have done that at events, community centers, restaurants, television, etc.... 

Have you ever felt frustrated that you could not retrieve / recall the pages that you have just scanned via these QR Codes? 


With Gevme App, your scan history is stored for your reference and retrieval. 

Download Gevme - Event Companion App

You can find it on Apple or Android App Store. Simply use the keyword "Gevme"

Scan a QR Code

- Click on the Scan Icon

- On the scanning screen, you can turn on on phone's flashlight in there is no sufficient lightning around. 

View scanning activities

Under Your scanning activities, you will see the list of links as well as the date/time of the scans.

- Bookmark: To add the page to your favourite

- Scanning Activity: you can click on the arrow to go to scanning activity where you can see all links that you have scanned and links that you saved under Favourite.