The concept of Metacard is that you can share your information and allow people to access this information quickly through call-to-action buttons.

1. Call-To-Action Button

By clicking on the cta button you will see the context of that button. If the type of button whatsapp or instagram you are going to receive its content.

2. Metacard QR Code Screen

When tapping the icon, you will see your metacard qr code screen. The icon is shown on your profile screen.

Should you attend an event hosted by Gevme and your organiser does implement Metacard check in, this QR Code can be your digital badge to check in. 

3. Three dots

Clicking on that dots you will see its context of cta button. Then, you will be able to copy that.

4. Activity History

This bottom sheet is shown you on the contact profile. When tapping on the top-right icon (near to three dots on the top) after that it will be coming. 

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