This release includes several important bug fixes and security improvements, as well as new features and enhancements to improve the user experience. We believe these changes will provide a more secure and enjoyable experience for our users.

New Features:

Publishing multiple pages

We're thrilled to announce a new feature that will make it easier for users to manage large projects on the Gevme platform. With this update, users can now update the status of multiple pages at once. This means you can select a group of pages and publish them all at once, or change their status from Published to Draft.

This feature is especially useful for managing large projects with many pages. You can quickly and easily see the number of pages you've selected, and update their status in just a few clicks.

We've also added a feature that lets you see when other users are performing a bulk update on the page listing. This ensures that multiple admin users can work on the same project without interfering with each other.

If any pages encounter errors and are unable to be published, you'll be able to review them and try publishing again. This ensures that you can quickly and easily manage your pages, even if you're working on a large project.

Other new features:

- Direct access to experience selection from dynamic checklist

- Sign up for experience marketplace directly from the platform

- Push Notifications

    - We are introducing Push Notifications for the Gevme Mobile App. Within this release, Push Notifications can be triggered by organizers to keep attendees informed about the latest announcements.

Bug Fixes:


    - Fixed issue where excessive information was returned using overly privileged self-service PGP certificate

    - Implemented block to prevent access from self-service certificates to people endpoint

    - Resolved issue where OTP emails were being sent even after multiple incorrect attempts

    - Fixed several IDOR vulnerabilities, including unauthorized deletion of resources and badges, and changing of exhibitor company details

    - Fixed vulnerability that allowed disclosure of abstract API key during sign up process

Web socket:

    - Replaced existing retry mechanism for improved reliability

    - Improved handling for cases where web socket connections are not working properly


    - Resolved problem where signing up with the same email address did not generate OTP

    - Fixed issue with analytics feature where token expiration caused blank pages to be displayed

- Badges:

    - Fixed problem with create badge button not working as intended

    - Implemented fix to prevent creation of badges with empty rules

In addition to these fixes, we have made several UI improvements, including changes to the text in the recommendation engine and improvements to the UI of the generate report and create meeting options.

Overall, this release includes several important bug fixes and security improvements, as well as a number of new features and enhancements. We believe that these changes will provide a better user experience and improved security for our users.