About this Module

Content on Gevme served as an inlet where you populate all your content - speakers, sponsors, agenda, etc,.... . With this widget as an outlet, you can have your content displayed on other sites, and apps as needed. Any changes made in Gevme will be updated in real-time at other sites.

Different types of Widgets

With all information populated in Gevme, you then can create widgets from it

- Speakers

- Agenda

- Exhibitors

- Products

Widget Creation

Step 1: Select the type of widget that you wish to create

Step 2: Formating the widget

For example: The Speakers Widget

- Content Settings: Layout, Which speakers to be shown, Sorting, Width, Height, Margin

- Advanced Settings: Information to be shown for each card - Job Title, Bio, Company

- CSS: Any CSS to be added

Step 3: Copy the Iframe or Script to embed on your sites. Importantly, add in the relevant domains to be whitelisted. 

You may add multi-domains. 


Widget Settings

In this view, you can add relevant domain(s) to be whitelisted as a whole.

Gevme branding for widgets can be removed as well.