About Meetings Module

The Meetings module allows the participants to schedule meetings with each other; or the organiser schedules meetings on behalf of attendees.

There are 2 types of Meetings:

- Instant Meeting 

- Schedule Meeting

All about Instant Meetings

This feature allows us to track all the instant meetings started by all the attendees with other attendees.

To achieve this, one needs to have attendees at the attendee management table and people directory block at a livepage. Login to the front end of the livepage where the directory block is added. From people cards, one can start the instant meeting by clicking on “Meet Now”.

Not Started

This is a meeting status where people haven’t joined the call yet.


Once attendees join the call, the status of the meeting changes from “Not Started” to “Ongoing”


After the attendee ends the call, the status of the meeting changes from “Ongoing” to “Past”

Timezone Update

For easy tracking, you can also update the timezone.