Data Integration

This is where you can sync the data between systems. By doing this, most of your data will be synced in real-time upon new registration being confirmed in your registration system. 

More options will be available in the near future.

Gevme Registration

Step 1: Login to your Gevme Registration

Step 2: After successful login, you can select the event that you wish to sync. You may select multi-events. 

Step 3: Map the fields

Note: In order to send magic links from Gevme Reg, keep the Identifier field as Ticket No only.

Step 4: Select the action for duplicated records

- That's it! You will be brought back to the Attendee List and you will see a progress bar at the top, indicating that the data sync is in progress and then completed.

Terminate the Data Sync

Syncing is by default as your data is continuously synced in real time. 

- Pause the Sync: By clicking on Syncing, your data sync will be paused. Via versa, click on Paused to restart the Sync

- Delete the integration: simply click on Delete.

- Edit Fields will bring you back to Map your Fields - Step 3 above.