This should not surprise you, but Gevme spends a lot of time studying your needs and use cases for digital events. Covid now is behind us; virtual tools are well defined and familiar; we reckon your requisites to be enabled in the digital world. 

We are constantly improving our platform; to improve features, to add more of the functionality you’re accustomed to, as well as a few that make so much more sense in your deliverables daily. In this update, we offer exactly that. 

MENU BAR: An ease of navigation

Menu Reorganisation: The common features are brought forward to address your common use. Live Streaming and Engagement are now on the main menu. You can collapse the main menu for more working space. 

Fast Track with 1-click: For the main app or module, you can reach it in just 1 click. You can easily navigate through modules from the main menu or dropdown within your working space. 

Website App

You might have known it by the name "Virtual". With the new face, this Website App now is empowering you with much more features.

Familiar features: The basic use is unchanged. In this App, you can select the project theme, set up livepages, blocks and menu

New features: 

  • General Settings: To manage the general settings for your website; such as custom domain, cookies,

  • Tracking: Google Tag Manager, Google Universal Analytics and Facebook Pixel
    Understanding customer traffic and conversion rates is a critical aspect of marketing your business. This integration enables users to track the traffic flow to your sites helping you gain insights into your campaigns and create targeting ads. 


Content App

Familiar features: The basic use is unchanged. In this App, you can create/manage the programme agenda, products, media assets and tags. 

New feature: 

  • Widget: Gevme served as an inlet where you populate all your content - speakers, sponsors, agenda, etc,.... . With this widget as an outlet, you can have your content displayed on other sites, apps as needed. Any changes made in Gevme, they will be updated in real-time at other sites.

Thank you for reading!