This document explains the settings of the Recommendations feature under the LiveBar, in the Editor.

Recommended Reading: Customising the LiveBar Settings

Accessing the Recommendations Settings

Under the Editor:

  1. In the Settings Panel on the left, under Widgets, click on LiveBar.
  2. Under LiveBar, click on Recommendations.



The title is the text that appears at the top of the livebar panel when it's open.


The label is the text which appears under the icon in the livebar.


The width allows you to specify the width of the Recommendation Block in the livepage. The recommended value is 100% for a better experience. 

Recommendations Display


This enables the participants to assess the recommended sessions and bookmark to add to their personal schedule. 


This enables the participants to assess the recommended sponsors/exhibitors matching their interest(s) and bookmark the profiles for further engagement. 


This enables the participants to assess the recommended attendees matching their interest(s). You can enable messaging, viewing profiles and bookmarking for their further interaction. 


This is the access control settings of Recommendations

  • Field: The column header inside People Module
  • Operator: The condition applies on the field - Equal to, Exclude
  • Value: The data in the column selected in the Field. To use a comma to separate the multiple values.

No Access Message

This is the text to be displayed for those who have no access to your Recommendations. 

Below is a diagram showing where the settings are applied in the livebar and livebar panel.