Elements on 3DVista can be configured to display GEVME Blocks when a user clicks on them.

As an example, consider the following venue:

“panel4” can be made clickable, and upon clicking a GEVME Block (which can be a PDF brochure, video, etc…) shows up.

The following steps explain what you need to do on 3DVista to achieve this.

1. Select the Element that you want to make clickable:

2. Select “Execute Javascript”:

3. The following pop-up will show up:

Leave the option selected on “On Click”, and type the following in the big textbox:


Where block_id is the Block ID that is assigned in GEVME to the Block that should show up upon clicking.

When Blocks Are Already Created on GEVME

If Blocks are already created on GEVME Venue Builder, the Block ID can be found by clicking on a Block and going to the Advanced tab:

For the above example, the code will be: 


When Blocks Are Not Yet Created on GEVME

If the Blocks have not been created on GEVME Venue Builder yet, you can simply assign names for each Element’s click.

Note: The name can consist of only lowercase alphabets, number and _

For the following sample:

The following Javacript methods will be used for each Element respectively:






When the 3DVista Venue is then uploaded on GEVME, ensure that for the relevant pages, you manually create the Blocks and assign the exact Block ID that matches your code on 3DVista.