About this Module

The Chat Moderation Module is the central management of all the Livepage's Chats. The event administrator can conveniently navigate all conversations from a consolidated site. 

How to moderate the Chat(s)?

As a moderator from the admin console, you can edit the message or delete them in need. 

1. Click on the 3 dots

2. Select the options to edit or delete the message.

How to set up the Chat(s)?

In every livepages, you can decide if Chat is a feature to be available in the livebar

Go to Virtual/Livepage.

- In the Settings Panel on the left, under Widgets, click on LiveBar.

- Under LiveBar, click on Chat.


- Title

The title is the text that appears at the top of the livebar panel when it's open.

- Label

The label is the text which appears under the icon in the livebar.

- Width

The width allows you to specify the width of the livebar panel when it opens. The default value is 300 px.

Below is showing where the settings are applied in the livebar and livebar panel.