About this Module

The Recommendation is that you can set up the Business Matchmaking matrix to connect your participants - attendees, speakers, sponsors/exhibitors and propose conference sessions of their interests. 

This Module is an “inlet” through which the Matrix is added. After that, you can create a Recommendation block in the livepages to display the Recommendations. 

If this page is for Matrix settings, where can I enable Recommendations for the event?
 Recommendations under the LiveBar 

If I do not set any Rules, can I still use the Recommendation Features? 
Yes, the engine will learn from the participant's behaviours within the sites and suggest relevant leads and sessions to them. 

Add Rule

Clicking on the Add Rule button gives you a pop-up on the right.


Give a Name to the Rule that you are settings.


To select the relevant Rule Types from the drop-down

  • People to People: The rule is for Participants Networking. 
  • People to Products: The rule is for Product Matching.
  • People to Sponsors: The rule is for Participants and Sponsors/Exhibitors Networking.
  • People to Sessions: The rule is for Session Matching.


The priority that you would like to give to this rule

Rule with priority 1 will have the highest priority/importance/weightage and will be lower as the priority field value increases. Rules can also have equal priorities.


This option allows us to create 3 different criteria for recommendations: 

  • Inclusion - A normal recommendation rule
  • Exclusion - A rule to exclude a particular set of attendees to be recommended to or to get recommendations of some other particular set of attendees.
  • ExcludeAll - A rule to completely exclude a set of Attendees from recommendations

Note: Criteria are available only for the PEOPLE TO PEOPLE type.


Groups can be created in cases where it is required to apply single or multiple rules to a particular group of Attendees.

Source Field

This can be any one of the fields, available to people on the registration forms. 

Example:  If you select Job Title,  it will use the values from the Job Title field as a source to match with that of the target field.

Field Value

If you want to recommend some specific source value to some specific target value then you can specify the source value in this text field.

Leave this text field empty if you want all possible source values to be used for comparison.

Comparison Type

  • Exact Match:
    Also known as Syntactic Match. This type will generate recommendations for every exact match between source and target values.
  • Semantic Match:
    In general, semantics means the meaning of a word or a sentence. In this type, the meaning of the text in the source and target values will be compared using NLP.

Target Field

The target field values are compared with the source field values to generate recommendations.

Example: In the case of the People to People type of recommendation you can select any people fields. Similarly in the case of People to Sessions or People to Sponsors type of recommendations you can select any field from sessions or sponsors for recommendations respectively with the most common ones, for both, being name, description, tags, etc.

Target Value

Similar to Field Value, this can be used in situations where you want to recommend some specific source value to some specific target value. You can specify the target value in this text field.

Leave this text field empty if you want all possible target values to be used for comparison.

Two Way Matching

In Rules where Source Field and Target Fields are specified only the Target will be recommended to the Source. This Two-Way-Matching allows us to recommend Source to Target in addition to Target to Source.

Note: Two Way Matching is available only for the PEOPLE TO PEOPLE type. 

Example Screenshot

In this example, we define a rule named Similar Job Title for People to People type of recommendation. The Source and target fields are jobTitle and their corresponding Field values are left empty and the type is Exact Match.

This will generate attendee recommendations for people who have similar job titles.

Example: Attendees having similar job titles will be recommended to each other.

This rule will generate session recommendations for people whose job title semantically matches the session's description.

Example: An attendee with a job title Machine Learning Engineer will get recommendations of Sessions having descriptions related to Machine Learning. An example of such a session description is given below:

“In this session our keynote speaker Mr. Dustin Porier who works as an AI Engineer in UFC will be explaining about the entire machine learning life cycle with its implementation using AWS Sagemaker”

This rule generates recommendations of people working in Nokia Company for Microsoft Employees and vice-versa.

Since the field value and target value text fields are populated with the company Nokia and Microsoft respectively, attendees who work in Nokia will be recommended to attendees working in Microsoft and vice versa.

This rule will generate session recommendations for people whose Interests field values match with the session tags.

Example: An attendee with an Interest in Economics will get recommendations of Sessions having a tag Economics.