About the Sponsors

The Sponsors block is used to showcase your sponsor's listing. 

In order to utilise this feature, you will have to populate the information for Packages and Sponsors under the Sponsorship app first. Think of the Sponsorship app as an “inlet” through which the sponsor/exhibitor details are added, and the sponsors block as being the “outlet” through which the details are displayed and made visible to the attendees.

Creating a Sponsors Block

To create a Sponsors block, in the Editor, click on "Add Blocks" button in the settings panel on the left, then choose "Sponsors" under the Event Information category.

Block Settings

The main setting of the Sponsor block is the Show which sponsors? setting where you can do your selection and sorting. 

  • Show which speaker (All Sponsors / Filtered List of Sponsors or Manually Select Sponsors)

To decide on the displayed information: 

  • Sorting
  • Sponsor Information (Logo, Tagline, Name, Social media icons)
  • Sponsor Bookmarking
  • CTA (Text, Color, Open links to new windows)
  • Theme (Dark, Light)
  • Display (Card size, Number of rows, Card bounding and padding