About the Agenda Block

This block displays an agenda block which showcases the event programme. 

In order to utilise this feature, you will have to create the agenda and speaker list under the Agenda Module first. Think of Agenda Module as an “inlet” through which the agenda and speaker details are added, and the agenda block as being the “outlet” through which the details are displayed and made visible to the attendees.

Creating an Agenda Block

To create an Agenda block, in the Editor, click on "Add Blocks" button in the settings panel on the left, then choose "Agenda" under the Event Information category.

Block Settings

The main setting of the Agenda block is the Show agenda from which LivePage? setting where you apply the selection. 

  • The agenda(s) to be shown
  • The date(s)
  • Session details (Title, Description, Logos, Headings)
  • Speaker details
  • Session Bookmarking
  • Show Calendar
  • CTA Color
  • Select Theme (Dark, Light)

An example: