About the Resources Block

The Resources block is used to host file(s) that the attendees are able to download. They can be PDF, Image Files or Links.

Creating the Resources Block

To create a Resources block, in the Editor, click on "Add Blocks" button in the settings panel on the left, then choose "Resources" under the Documents category.

Block Settings

The main setting of the Resources block is the Add Item setting where you can insert your files/links, select the preferred icon and add CTA Text. 

If you do not wish to display item icon and item CTA and PDF bookmarking, you can simply toggle off. In addition, the CTA Color is in Hex color code and it can be changed as well. 

For the best experience at the booth, PDF/Image should be less than 10Mb and without rich images, annotations and many links. A complex file will take a while to be rendered in browsers.