About this Module

In this Module, you can decide how your attendees check-in / authenticate upon accessing your pages.

Understand the Page's Privacy

Public Event

For a public event, you do not set any restrictions; and any guests with the homepage link will be able to access your event without any authentication in place.

Private Event

Only registered attendees who are on the Attendee List will have access to your event. In Authentication, you are able to set a method to use for their check-in/authentication.


There are several authentication options

1. Email address + OTP

By default, your attendees will be checking in to the event with their registered email; a One-Time-Password (OTP) will be sent to their email for validation. Upon entering the correct OTP, they will be able to access the event. 

Screen 1: Enter Email

Screen 2: Enter OTP for authentication

2. Mobile number + OTP

To set it up for your event, do ensure that Phone Number data is ready in your Attendee List and the phone number format is {{country.code}} {{phone.number}}.

Do reach out to our cs@gevme.com so we can assist to verify your set-up and enable the SMS sending for your project. 

3. Username and Password

This will enable your attendees to sign in with a Username/ Email and Password created during your registration. 

Both values of Username and Password need to be available in your Attendee List. Do contact cs@gevme.com so that we can verify your settings and enable them for your project.

4. Shared Password

You are able to set up a common password and share it with your attendees for their login.

Note that there will be no tracking of activities in this event; as we could not identify the users.

Do contact cs@gevme.com so that we can verify your settings and enable this for your project.

5. Google

This will allow your attendees to sign in seamlessly with their Google Account and no OTP is required as the authentication has been done within Google.

Google Account may not be a feasible option for all; hence, we highly recommend having a combination of Email and Google enabled. If the attendees register with Google Emails, they will be able to utilise both options.