About the Live Stream Block

The Live Stream block is used to display video from popular streaming services such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc or our own native streaming service called GEVME Live. In addition, you can set up some animated emojis that your attendees can use to react instantly to moments in your on-demand videos.

Creating a Live Stream Block

To create a Live Stream block, in the Editor, click on Add Blocks button in the settings panel on the left, then choose Live Stream.

Block Settings

The main setting of the Live Stream block is the Streaming Service. From the Streaming Service dropdown, choose the service you want to integrate with.

Below is a description of each service, their settings and how to integrate with each one of them.


Before using GEVME Live streaming service, you first need to configure the broadcast channel under Channel Management App. 

Once you have configured a list of channels to use, simply pick it up from the dropdown list. 


To paste the embed URL of your youtube video, e.g. https://www.youtube.com/embed/{video_id}


To paste the embed link of your video or showcase, e.g. https://player.vimeo.com/video/{video_id} or playlist: https://vimeo.com/showcase/{list_id}/embed


To paste the video link, e.g. https://www.facebook.com/{video_id}

Microsoft Stream

To paste the video link, e.g. https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/{video_id}

Custom Streaming URL

If you are using a custom streaming that is not within the listed options, you can select this option and paste the playback URL / streaming URL.

This is usually applied for "View On-Demand" playback URL. 

Display Static Image when the streaming is not Live

This is applied for select streaming service which is not autoplay: 

  • GEVME Live
  • Custom Streaming URL

For pre-event and post-event, we recommend static images of important information that the attendees should be informed of. 

  • Pre-Event: 

Housekeeping Information

Important Note about the event

  • Post-Event: 

View-on-demand information

QR Code of Event Survey

Important Note

For Live Streaming Block, do take note of the different Heights to be set

  • Laptop View: 550px
  • Mobile View: 250px


Reactions are animated emojis that your attendees can use to react instantly to moments in your livestreams.

Once you have enabled reactions you can see an emoji on the bottom right part of the video in Live Preview. You can check the reactions available by hovering on the emoji and click to see how an attendee would be able to send the reactions. 

The following additional settings will be available once reactions are enabled:

Position: You can choose where to display the reactions emoji on your video.

        - Bottom right

        - Bottom center

        - Bottom left

Front Emoji: It is the minimised state icon of Reactions that you are seeing on the bottom right of the video in Live Preview. You can change it by clicking on edit button.

    - Here you can change the default front emoji

    - By default 10 emojis will be available for reactions. You can add a custom emoji by uploading an image (type: png, svg) of size 30x30 and use it as a reaction.

    - You can also remove upto 6 emojis from reactions, minimum number of emojis to be displayed is 4.