About this App

The Exhibitors App contains everything related to your Exhibition. Under this App,  you are able to:

  1. Create or import Companies, and assign packages to the companies.
  2. Add Users (Booth Admin) who will be building the booth for the company. 
  3. Create and manage Sponsors/Exhibitors’ packages
  4. Create and manage Products at booths

A. Organiser

- Package Creation

This is an important step where the organiser defines the different booth templates, and different packages offered in the event.

- Company Creation

To populate the required information for the company, including Unique ID, Name, and Packages. Importing function is available.

- Users

Once the booth is ready for the booth admin to work on, the organiser now can add or import the booth admin. They will receive the invite to access their exhibitor portal to start uploading access. 

B. Exhibitors

The Exhibitor Portal is where the booth administrators set up the booth, fully manage their assets, create and upload products. 

Go to Guide on Exhibitor Portal.

C. Products

The Product module is for Exhibitors, Sponsors, Partners and Organiser to do product listing. It is considered an Inlet for data population; then Content Block is used as Outlet to display the Products Information on relevant Livepages. 


Go to Create and Manage Products Guide.