vMix is a paid live production and streaming software.
OS Support: Windows
Stream Settings

You can access the settings for a stream by clicking on the gear icon located on the bottom bar of vMix:

You will then be able to set the settings for:

  • Destination - Select "Custom RTMP Server"
  • URL - Copy paste the "RTMP URL" from GEVME Live Channel
  • Stream Name or Key - Copy paste the "Stream Key" from GEVME Live Channel
  • Quality - Select "H264 720p 2.5mbps AAC 128kbps"

Bit Rates Settings

You will then need to adjust the Bit Rate settings by clicking on the gearbox next to "Quality":

❗Ensure the value for "Strict CBR" is checked.

Complete Recommended Settings

Here's an example with all the recommended settings: