About this Module

The Live Stream Module is the conduit for your live streams. Create your channels here then add them to your livepages through the live stream blocks. Under LiveStream, you are able to: 

1. Create all channels that you need for the event.

2. Store your Stream Keys conveniently in one place.

3. View channels viewership

Create live stream channel

- Add the channel name

- Add channel description

Your Channel will be created with 1-month validity



Manage channels

- Click on > to go to your channel details.

- The channel's details can be found in this view. 

- Channel can be deleted in need by clicking on More | The 3 dots next to Cancel.


If you engage a Production Team to manage all your live streaming, simply pass them the RTMP URL and Stream Key. 

Live Streaming with 3rd Party Tools, check out our guides: 

  • vMix to Gevme
  • Streamlabs to Gevme
  • OBS Studio to Gevme
  • Live Streaming Zoom Meetings to Gevme
  • Live Streaming Webex Meetings to Gevme

Broadcasting on Gevme livepages

1. On your preferred livepage, add Livestream Block

2. Streaming Service Settings

- Streaming Service: Gevme Live

- Choose a channel to broadcast: select the channel you just created

- Since your streaming is "live", it is recommended to display a static image when the streaming is not live. You can design a descriptive image by adding important notes about the event on this placeholder. 

Image Dimension: 1920 X1080px

Channels Viewership

To view the performance and viewership of your channels.