This Module contains the list of attendees. These are the people who registered for your event and who are therefore eligible to access the virtual event. 

Attendee List

This is where the registration list will be populated. You can create new records, and import or export the data. 

During the event, you are able to retrieve the magic link and share them with your attendees in need. 

Before adding the attendee data, do head over to Fields to set up the relevant values

There are 3 ways to add attendees to the Table.

Importing Attendees From CSV

To import attendees from a CSV file:

1. Click on Attendees/Table in the main nav on the left.

2. Click on Import at the top of the Attendees grid.

3. On the next screen, download a sample CSV file, populate the data accordingly and upload it here. 

Creating Attendees Manually

To create attendees manually:

1. Click on People in the main nav on the left.

2. Click on New at the top of the People grid.

3. In the New record panel which appears on the right, fill in the fields with the required details.

4. Once the fields are filled in, click on Save to create the record or Save and create another to create another record.

Exporting Attendees

Should you wish to download your attendee list, simply click on Export.

Managing the Attendees

- Delete: By selecting the records that you wish to delete, the Delete button will appear for your action. 

- Edit: To start editing a record, select the initial abbreviation, and the record will pop up for your editing.

- Filter: You can sort, hide column, search for values within columns. Only column with dropdown icon is enabled for this funtionablity. 

Generate Magic Link

Subject to your authentication set, the attendees needs to be authenticated by Email, Password, etc.. to access your private event. In some case, you wish to generate a direct link which no authentication should be applied. This is where you can achieve that.

The link is personlised and only can be used ONCE time. 

To generate the magic link, go to the record and look for Magic Link column. By clicking on it, you will be presented with the list of published livepage; you then can select the site that you wish to generate the link.