Considering Gevme Survey to collect feedback in your virtual event? Check out this iframe

In Gevme Registration

1. Create a Survey

Set it up with your preferred content and publish it

2. Retrieve your survey link

By clicking on "View Survey"

In Gevme / Virtual

1. Create a livepage and name it Feedback Form (or other term that you prefer)

2. Under Blocks, please add an HTML block

3. Add a Survey Iframe

This helps to capture the First Name, Last Name, Email of the submitter

<iframe src="surveylink/participate?user_name={{user.firstname}}%20{{user.lastname}}&user_email={{}}" title="Feedback Form"></iframe>


<iframe src="{{user.firstname}}%20{{user.lastname}}&user_email={{}}" title="Feedback Form"></iframe>

If you wish to hide the First Name, Last Name, or Email Address in the survey, you can hide it in the Gevme Registration / Survey Form Field after you have confirmed that the iFrame works