There are a number of methods to upload data registration to the People Module. 

- Import from a file (CSV or Excel)

- Create Manually

- Integrate via Gevme Registration

- Integrate via other Apps (Work in Progress)

Field Mapping

With any methods above, you will be able to map the available fields in your database or registration form and control the attendee's access accordingly. 

Some People Fields are built by defaults:

- First Name

- Last Name

- Email

- Company (Optional)

- Job Title (Optional)

- Identifier Field (Compulsory)

If some data is not available, you will have an option to select "No Match"

Identifier Field is compulsory and should be assigned with a unique value field, i.e.: Ticket Number, Attendee ID. 

Add New Field

To add additional fields to the People Module, you can "Add New Field"

- Enter Label: To name the field

- Choose a field to import:  To select the relevant field in your database to match. 

For all fields set here, you are able to apply Access Control in need.