What Can You Do in the Editor?

From the Editor you can:

1. Customise the content of your livepages by adding and customising blocks.

2. Customise the settings of the LiveBar and Header widgets of your livepages.

3. Set a livepage to "Live" mode or "Draft" mode.

4. See a live preview of the changes on your livepages, without publishing the changes to your production venue. Think of the live preview as the staging area where you can check whether the updates done are according to your expectations.

5. See the live preview of your livepages in mobile, tablet or desktop view.

6. Publish the changes to your production venue if you are happy with how things look in the preview.

Customising the Editor

For advanced use cases, the UI of the Editor can be customised. For example, some of the field settings may be restricted by the venue, or even adding blocks on some specific LivePages can be disabled.

For more information on how to customise the Editor, read the documentation on Feature Restrictions.