What is a LivePage?

A LivePage is a single page within a venue. A venue can therefore be seen as a collection of livepages with links among them. A livepage is technically a webpage, but we call it a livepage for specific reasons, which are defined below.

A venue can be seen as a collection of livepages with links among them.

Why Do We Call it a LivePage?

When we started to build GEVME Virtual, we had a very clear and ambitious idea about what a page under a venue should be able to achieve. In a nutshell, we wanted a page to be "alive" and responsive in real-time, with live content updates being possible on the page without the need to refresh. Today, the GEVME Virtual LivePage is a special type of page with the following capabilities:

1. Integration

A livepage can integrate with a multitude of other services out-of-the-box, through the usage of blocks.
2. Push Notifications

A livepage can receive real-time notifications, e.g. announcements, polls, questionnaires, sent from the admin panel by the organiser to all (or specific) attendees.
3. Live Content Updates

A livepage can be updated with content in real-time, without the need to be refreshed.

"LivePage" or "livepage"?

We didn't want the word "livepage" to be always capitalised. We wanted it to become a common word, just like "webpage" while still having a unique spelling. As such, we follow this very simple rule when writing the word:

1. In the case where the word has to be capitalised, it should be written as LivePage.

2. In all other cases, it can just be written as livepage.

Anatomy of a 2D LivePage

The main elements of a livepage are:

1. Header

2. LiveBar

3. Blocks


The header is typically at the top of the page and consists of:

1. The event logo

2. The event name

3. The menu


The LiveBar is a native engagement component of Gevme Virtual and consists of the following features:

1. Profile

2. Notifications

3. Chat

4. People

5. My Agenda


7. Polls

8. Direct Messages


All other elements on the livepage (apart from the header and livebar) are what we refer to as blocks.

After the concept of virtual venue, and livepage, blocks are probably the next most important concept to grasp and understand. Blocks are the building blocks (no pun intended) of your livepage and can be of many types, depending on the type of content that you want to display.

Below are examples of an image block, rich text block and hero content block on a livepage:

Below is the full list of blocks which are currently available in Gevme Virtual: 

Anatomy of a 3D LivePage

The elements on a 3D Livepage are exactly the same as those on a 2D Livepage, with the slight difference that on a 3D Livepage, the actual content of the blocks is not displayed on the livepage, but their cover images are displayed instead. Upon clicking on the cover image, the content of the block is then displayed in a popup.

3D livepages contain the exact same elements as 2D livepages, i.e. header, livebar and blocks. However, the blocks' content are not displayed on the livepage, but their cover images are displayed instead.

Clicking on the cover image of a block then either 1) reveals the block's content in a popup, or 2) links the user to another livepage.

Block Behaviour Differences on 2D livepages vs 3D livepages

As mentioned above, there are some differences between the blocks' behaviour on a 2D livepage vs a 3D livepage. Below is the full list of differences and comparisons.

Comparison Table

Behaviour 2D LivePage3D LivePage
Adding blocksNew blocks can be added to the livepageNew blocks cannot be added to the livepage
Block visibilityBlocks can be made visible/hiddenBlocks can be made visible/hidden
Block arrangementBlocks can be re-arrangedBlocks cannot be re-arranged
Block sizesBlocks sizes can be specifiedBlocks sizes cannot be specified
Block content

Block's content is displayed directly on the livepage by default

 Note, however, that you can also show the cover image of a block instead of its content on a 2D livepage

Block's cover image is displayed on the livepage instead of the block's content

Clicking on a block

Since the content of the block is displayed on the livepage, there's no click action on the block

 Note, however, that if you show the cover image of the block instead, then clicking on the cover image will open the content of the block in a popup, just like on a 3D livepage

Clicking on the block's cover image either opens the content of the block in a popup, or links to another page

LivePage Template

What is a LivePage Template?

A LivePage Template is the "blueprint" (or definition) from which a livepage is created. Every livepage created in GEVME Virtual is instantiated from a livepage template. No livepage can be created without a template.

A livepage template forms part of the venue under which it is defined. The venue and its LivePage templates in themselves don't have any particular inherent meaning. They only specify the look and feel and "structure" of the various livepages. Meaning is given to the venue when an experience is applied to it.

To understand more about livepage templates, read the article on How the Venue, Venue Experience, LivePage and LivePage Template Work Together