If your organization requires higher level of security, 2FA Enforce upon logging in GEVME platform is required. 

What is 2-step verification?

2-step verification adds a second login authentication and confers an additional layer of security to your GEVME user account.

How to set up 2FA through Authenticator App? 

You can use any authenticator app as a default method of 2-step verification for your organization. Follow the below steps to setup: 

1. Download Authenticator App: 

a. Google Authenticator App: 


Google Authenticator on Google Play 

Google Authenticator on the App Store iTunes Apple

b. Authy – alternative option aside from Google Authenticator App 

Aside from using Google Authenticator App, user can consider another Authenticator App: Authy 

•    It helps with the phone switch: Google Authenticator App is tied to the one mobile device at a time, Authy’s multiple-device functionality, your 2FA tokens automatically sync to any new device you authorize. And, if a device is lost, stolen, or retired, you can deauthorize it from any authorized device. 

•    Authy is available for Android, iOS  and Chrome extension 

2. Click on the user icon on the top right-hand corner of the screen, Select “Admin Console”. Under "Account", choose "Security":

3. Click on "Turn on" 2 Step Verification, and continue with setting up the Authenticator: 

4.  Scan barcode using Google Authenticator app, and enter the verification code before the code times out:

5. Code accepted and automatically become default. 

If you make this as default log-in method, the next time logging in GEVME account, you will be using Authenticator App instead of receiving SMS. 

Note: if you use Google Authenticator app, ensure that your phone and computer (used to access GEVME) have the same date and time zone. Follow these steps to make sure your Google Authenticator app’s time is synced correctly. 

Launch the app, tap the Menu button (three dots), and go to Settings > Time Correction for Codes > Sync now.

2. Backup Codes: 

Once you finish setting up the 2FA, for your account, you will see a screen of “2 Step verification Initialization”, showing a list of Backup Codes. You can use these backup codes to login to your account in case you don't have access to your authentication device. 

In your Security portion, you can also see the backup codes and you can generate new codes to keep for future use. 

Do note that if you generate new codes, the old codes will no longer be effective. It is recommended to keep a backup codes list separately, in case SMS OTP and Google Authenticator don't work.