To create a block, click on the "Add Block" and you will then be redirected to the page where you have to input the fields.

  1. Block creation process is very similar to Basic Page as you just have to fill in "Label" or rather a Title field for it. Let's name it as "Pre Footer" which you will add in some content and place the block above the existing footer block.
  2. Once we have saved, it will be redirected to the page where you can start adding existing layouts or create your own.


 3. To get started quickly, let's choose the below layout and click "Save Changes".


  4. After the block is saved, let's go back to the Manage Content page by clicking on the WB logo at the left top corner of the page. From there, click

        on "Blocks" under "Manage" module and you will be able to see the blocks that you just created and some others which are already created before.

        5. From there, click on "Manage->Blocks" and you will be able to see the Pre Footer block that you just created and some others which are already

        created before. Clicking on the "Pre Footer" title will bring you to the block that you have created to do some necessary changes and clicking on

        "Edit" link will allow you to update the label of the block.

        6.Now, let's take a quick look at how we can add the Pre Footer block above the Footer block and show it only in the home page.

        7. Browse to Home page and click on the "Add Element" and choose the "Section" to create a blank section for us to add in our Pre Footer Block as


        8. You will see that a blank section is created as follows and now you can add in any content that you want.

9. Since we wanted our Pre Footer block to display it just above the Footer block so drag along this section above the Footer.

        10. Or there is another quick way that you can do is simply duplicate any section right above the Footer block, remove the content inside the section

        and you will be left with empty section and this allows you to add in new content.

        11. Let's try to duplicate the "Email us Now" section which is just above the Footer block. Click on the "Duplicate" icon highlighted in red circle and

        the exact section will be copied over as follows.

        12. Now, click on the "Delete" icon which is the entire content added in the Row and you are then left with an empty section as follows.

        13. Since we now have the empty section, we can add our Pre Footer block in it.

        14. Click on the "+" sign and you will see Add Element pop up screen. Click on "Blocks" tab and then click on "Pre Footer" block.

        15. Click on "Save Changes" and we will see that Pre Footer block is added below and Email us Now section and right above the Footer block as

        follows. We have now successfully added the Pre Footer block at the home page and above the Footer.