Creating Session Content

To create a session, click on the "Add Section" and you will then be redirected to the page where you have to input the fields for the details of the section.

  1. Let’s try to create one new “Session” named, “Follow-up Panel Discussion”.

        2. As shown below, we can add the data for the respective fields and please also note that mandatory fields are represented with * sign. We can leave out some fields like "Venue", "People" and "Tags" if they are not necessary. "Tags" field here refers to the track or sub-session that are running

        parallel in current session.

        3. Once we click submit, we will see the details of the data that we have added. We can make the changes if necessary by clicking on the "Settings"

        link at the top menu bar.

        4. To view how the session data looks like in Agenda, click on the "Agenda" menu from the menu bar and we will then see the display of the session 

        as follows.