Creating Basic Page Content

To create a basic page, click on the "Add Page" and you will then be redirected to the page where you have to input the fields.

  1. Let’s try to create one new “Basic Page” named, “Event Highlights” with some dummy text and images.

        2. We will then see the page where we can add the information needed to create a basic page. In this case, we only need to add the “Title” field so let’s give it a name called “Event Highlights” and click “Save”.

        3. You will then see that the basic page “Event Highlights” is created and we can now choose the predefined layouts to start off with by clicking “Choose A Layout” button or clicking plus sign icon to add the Elements and create our own layouts.

        4. By clicking on “Choose A Layout”, we can choose any layout from many options       that are already predefined as below. Let’s pick a “Text and images” among them and click on that item.

        5. We will then see that the page is now populated with the predefined dummy content for you to start off with and you can then edit those content accordingly. This option is very handy and helping users to get started quickly when adding new content. Click “Save Changes” button to save the page.

        6. If you would like to choose another layout, you can delete all the sections in the page and you will see that “Choose A Layout” button and the

        plus sign icon will appear again once all the sections are deleted from the page. You can then start off with another layout of your choice.

        7. You can repeat these steps in order to create more basic pages.