Learn how you can creating new content using GEVME Web Builder

Creating New Content

Once you have successfully set up your website, you can then start adding your actual content and remove the dummy ones which comes with the website installation. You can start by hovering on your website screenshot and clicking on the "Manage" link at the Dashboard page.

By clicking on “Manage” link, you will then be redirected to the content listing page of your event website as below. This page lists out all the content such as basic pages, speakers, agenda sessions, sliding banners etc that are auto populated upon website installation.

You can quickly get started to add a particular content by clicking on the "Add Content" link and you will then see all the Content Types that you can add content for. If you want to add a new web page, you can click on "Add Page" link and you will then be able to start adding new page and it's the same for all the other content types as well. 

And if you click on the "Add Content" link which is the first link, you will be redirected to the page that will list out all the content types that are enabled in our website and we can create any one of them by clicking the links accordingly. But in this page, we can see the short description of each content type which explains what this content type is.