In GEVME Website Builder, there are two ways that you can create your event website. One way is that when you create a new website; it will also create a new event with the same name that you have used for your website, automatically at GEVME backend. And another way is that you can create new websites for existing events that you have already created in GEVME. There is no difference but just note that creating a new website will also create a new event respectively in GEVME backend.

Creating and Setting up a new website

We can start off with how we can create a new website easily and efficiently within 2-3 minutes. Let’s imagine that you have not created any event at GEVME, yet you would like to create a new website for your event.

  1. First, click on “Create new website” button

    2. You will then be redirected to the Template gallery page where you have to choose the template that you like to use to build your event website. Your website will be created exactly like the template that you have chosen. 

    3. You can hover on the screenshots and you can then either click on “Choose this template” button to go to the next step or you can take a look at working demo of the template by clicking “Live Preview” button. Let’s click on “Live Preview” first for now.

    4. By clicking “Live Preview”, you can preview the working demo of the website as below and also you can choose to view it in three different modes by clicking, Desktop, Tablets, and mobile icons respectively.

    5. Once you are good with the template, you can then proceed to next step by clicking “Choose this template” to select that template or clicking “Cancel” to go back to the Template gallery page to select different template.

    6. After the Template is chosen, you can then specify the Website name and the website address/url that you would like your website to be up and running at.

    7. By clicking “Create website”, you will see that the website creation process is initiated.

    8. After 1-2 minutes, the website will be created and you will then see the success message with two buttons, “Manage settings” which will link you to the content editing page of your newly created website and “Customize” button which will link you to view your website.

9. You have now successfully created your event website and you can then skip to theEditing Content section below if you would like to start using your website and how you can start editing your content.