This tab displays all the available Templates that you can use to create your websites. The templates are full fledged demo websites which comes with preconfigured settings and the demo content for some basic pages, people, sessions, partners etc. These help to save your time and start working with your website very quickly.

When you hover on each item, you will see the "Live Preview" button and clicking on it will bring you to view the demo websites in action and you can see how it will look like when you use that template to create your website.

You can also click on the icons highlighted in red circle to view the site in different layouts such as Desktop, Tablet and mobile versions.

Your Custom Templates

In the case of where you would not like to use the Free templates, you can also request us separately to implement a custom template from the scratch. We will then work on the new template and once it's ready, you will be able to see it under this tab and then will be able to use it to create your website. Please contact us for more detail.