The following are the key components around which your everyday usage of GEVME Website Builder will revolve. 


This page is where you can perform activities such as creating new websites, managing/cloning the existing websites, exploring the Templates gallery that you can choose to create the websites.

Content Overview

This page is where you work on your day to day activities such as creating new content, editing the existing ones, adding new menus and blocks, creating and updating the categories etc.

Drag-Drop Content Editing

Another day to day activities that you will be spending your time on the website is by using our GEVME Website Builder's two powerful features such as Drag-drop feature and Inline-editing feature.

Drag-drop feature basically allow us to arrange the position of each content section in a web page, adding new elements to the page and deciding which type to layouts (rows & columns) etc. And inline-editing feature allows you to edit the content inline directly and you can see the changes instantly without the need to refresh the page.