Logging In for first time user

Before you can add or edit content in your event website, you first need to log in to the Website Builder.

You can login to Website Builder by following these steps:

  1. Open up a new browser tab and type in the url https://www.gevme.com/apps/sites and you will see this below login form.

        2. Click on the “Log in with GEVME” button and you will see the form below.

        3. Enter your GEVME username and password and you are then successfully logged in to the Website Builder and will see the a page to choose your organization if you belong to more than one organization in GEVME. If you are not, you will be redirected to the Dashboard page directly.

        4. You will be redirected to the Dashboard page of your organization. From the Dashboard, you’ll then see your websites:

Note: If your account belong to more than 1 Organization, you will then be required to select your organisation first.