A user logs in to the app by entering the GEVME username and password. 

Selecting Server - Support for On-Premise Server

By default GEVME’s suite of apps are provided on the cloud available on www.gevme.com. However, GEVME can also be made available on-premise - ie, we install GEVME on a client’s server. Or we could simply be installing GEVME on a laptop that we bring to an event. 

Our mobile apps have the ability to connect to the cloud server or to an on-premise server. 

To login to an on-premise server, on the login screen simply look for the “Change Server” option: 

Then, enter the URL for the on-premise server: 

The format of the on-premise server should be as follows:

can be a URL or IP address to the server where GEVME is installed
is optional and represents the path that may be entered to get the full URL of the application

Note: the URL must end with “/api”. 

Hint: When you go to http://server_name/path_to_gevme, you should be able to see the login screen of GEVME’s backend.