GEVME Onsite provide native client apps for both iOS & Android platforms. By having the apps implemented as native, it makes it easier for us to have offline functionality in the apps - ie, the apps can work even without internet.  The idea is that after a user is logged in and has already downloaded an event’s data, then the user should subsequently be able to just open the app, and use the app seamlessly and access all functionalities even if there is no internet. 

The iOS & Android apps have similar functionalities. See the full comparison of features between the 2 platforms below. 


The Android app was built way before the iOS app. So, right now, the Android app may have more functionalities than the iOS app. However, the iOS app may look slicker and nicer since we’ve undergone a redesign process when building the iOS app. 

GEVME ACCESS Android app on Google Play 

GEVME iOS app on AppStore