What is a Campaign?

In GEVME, an email campaign is a blast of email(s) that you send to one or more recipients. Each blast that you send is considered a campaign.

Sending emails through Campaigns is one way of sending emails in GEVME. The other way being through the Composer. Each way has its own specific purpose and is suitable for different cases.

Sending emails through Campaigns is especially suitable for cases where you want to send a "heavy" email to a lot of recipients or to multiple lists of recipients, or where creating the email will take some time and where you would want to save the email as draft and come back to it again to continue working on it.

The other difference between sending emails through Campaigns vs through the Composer is in the process. The rough process for sending emails through Campaigns is the following:

  1. Create a campaign.
  2. Build your email or use a template.
  3. Setup your campaign settings.
  4. Select your recipient list(s).
  5. Send or schedule your campaign.