GEVME provides a host of different reports for your reporting needs. Below are described the different categories of reports available.

Note: This article only explains the purpose of each report. For more information on how to use the reports (customizing, filtering, searching them etc.), see the articles Filtering a Report and Customizing a Report.

To access the reports, click on Reports in the left hand navigation under the Manage category:

Once under the Reports section, click on the category tabs at the top to load the corresponding reports:

Note: By default, the tickets report will be loaded.

Tickets Report

The Tickets report gives you an account of all the tickets issued under your event. Additionally, the total price of all the tickets is displayed in the top right hand corner of the report.

Orders Reports

There are 3 reports under the Orders category, all displayed one after each other on the same page:

1. Orders Listing

The Orders Listing report is meant to show you all the completed orders under your event, i.e. orders which have been fully paid for. Thus, by default, the report is filtered to show only completed orders. If you would like to edit the filter and view all the orders instead (i.e. whether completed or pending) see the article Filtering a Report.

2. Orders & Attendees Listing

The Orders & Attendees Listing gives you the list of all completed orders, along with the corresponding attendees information. In a way, therefore, from this report you can see all the attendees for whom full payment have been made. Just like the Orders Listing report above, this report is also filtered by default to show only completed orders. 

3. Payment Collected

The Payment Collected report lists all the payment transactions received both online and offline.

Survey Report

The reports under the Survey tab give you an account of all the surveys that you have created.

Attendees Report

The Participation report under the Attendees tab gives you an account of all the attendees registered for your event. In addition to that, the number of checked-in attendees is also displayed in the top right hand corner of the report.


There are 2 reports under the Merchandise tab:

1. Merchandise Sales & Inventory

This report gives you an account of all the merchandise items that you have created, together with their total sales amount, and their used quantity and balance.

2. Merchandise Breakdown By Attendees

This report on the other hand, lists down all the attendees of your event with their choice selection based on the merchandise that you have created. Under each merchandise column, a zero (0) means that the participant did not choose this option, while a one (1) means the participant chose that option.